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Friday, 8 April 2011

Writing Now

Book 2 progresses. This morning, I added 800 words of a death scene to chapter 18. Always difficult to kill of a character you love, but it had to be done. Later, I completed chap 18 at 4,189 words, ending on page 179. Chap 19 is well under way, with about 2000 words down and more to come. So, going well at present.
It's been an odd day. The new bed we ordered over 6 weeks ago, finally arrived, which meant the old one had to be dismantled and the new one assembled. The headboard didn't quite fit the base, so, instead of sending it back and having to wait for more weeks, I got out the drill and screw driver and did a spot of modification. Looks fine and is as solid as you could wish. Should be a good night's sleep tonight.
Completed Kate's funding application with the bit Valerie and I had to contribute to the process, so now just waiting for things to happen there.
More stuff transferred from collapsing cardboard boxes into sealed plastic containers for the loft. Will have to get those up there tomorrow.
And now I'm for a drop of red stuff whilst I watch 'Have I Got News For You' and 'QI' on the idiots' lantern.
Another picture for your inspiration.
By the way, if you like writing contests, take a gander at the Writing Contests page, where you'll find links to over 120 such competitions.
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