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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Writing: 1000 Words & Room Not Organised.

'The Main Street in Staithes.'
The intention was to strip, clean, tidy and re-organise my study today. But, as these things do, health got in the way and my ME/CFS returned with a reminder that I can't always do what I want these days. Past experience has taught me to respond with caution when my body tells me it's not going to co-operate. So, I did some more of the epic fantasy, turning out 1,000 new words and expanding on an idea that came to me during the night. I'd placed one of my heroes into a corner that was almost too tight for him to escape, but the idea provided a plausible solution and, as intended, he lives to fight another day.
Much of the remainder of the day has been made up of frequent rests and some new blog posts that I've scheduled for June, including a couple more author interviews.
So, in keeping with my situation, I'll close for the evening and hope to be better able to do the cleaning job tomorrow.
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