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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Writing: 1600 Words This Morning

Up a little later this morning; well, it is Sunday. Moved the epic fantasy on another 1600 words, with some challenging ideas besetting one of the characters and a small cliff-hanger ending the section. Needed a new name for a character who will appear only briefly, so consulted my list of made-up names and selected one that seemed suitable, after Googling, to ensure it hasn't been used by someone else and doesn't mean anything inappropriate in some other language.
I'm also working on a short stories to place in fantasy mags and edited a short story I wrote a little while ago. Will take that to my writing group on Wednesday so they can crit it before I send it off. Great feedback from the very professional group I belong to. And I managed to select most of the ten shorts I intend to place in a free anthology shortly; to be published on Smashwords as an eBook with a real variety of material for readers to sample. Everything from crime, through romance and erotica to horror and fantasy.
Had a pleasant walk along a familiar route today, as I wasn't up to walking too far after over-exerting myself in moving a couple more plants from the front garden to the back. Be glad when that particular project is done with.
Opened birthday cards and presents after tea, as tomorrow, which is the actual date, I'll be late home from the office and then we'll need to be out soon after our evening meal to attend our dance class. So, there's unlikely to be a post for tomorrow, apart from the word spot, which I've already scheduled, of course.

The picture shows the village of Goodmanham, a few miles away.
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