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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Writing: 1700 words this time

An old drovers' lane in the Dales National Park.
A slightly delayed rising this morning but the session before breakfast went well, producing another 1700 words of tension and promised action. The story moves ahead. Threats present themselves, danger lurks, conflict increases. The second book now stands around 108,000 words. What, I wonder, will the final edit produce?
No physical work today, bar a pleasant walk on the edge of town, through the bordering countryside. Spirits refreshed, settled down to complete the update on the Writing Contests page - take a look if such things interest you; there are over 140 contest links, many offering big cash prizes, others lending kudos and others offering rewards for no cost other than your skill and ingenuity.
Watched the second half of the FA Cup Final, whilst taking my essential rest and fell asleep; it was so riveting. This evening is the Eurovision Song Contest, a musical (some say) extravaganza and celebration of the kitsch and  the exuberant. It's mostly good clean fun with the tension of political voting thrown in. Last year everyone in mainland Europe hated the Brits so much that they gave us no points. It didn't help that our singer's performance lacked a certain something. We've helped out some of the European economies and taken action against a tyrant in Libya this year, so, if the boys of Blue can pull off a good performance, we stand to gain a little more in the way of votes for our song. The event is one of those 'must see' experiences and is watchable for its sheer entertainment value, especially if you have a drop of the red on hand. So, goodnight for now.
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