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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Writing: 2000 Words and a New Idea

Horsefair Lane, Little Driffield.
This morning, following a late night, I sat at the keyboard and realised that I had no idea where I needed to go next for one thread of the epic fantasy. It's one of the problems of relying on a loose structure for the novel instead of the traditional plan. I prefer the loose framework, as it allows the characters more leeway to direct the action according to their moods and emotional needs. But it does sometimes leave an uncomfortable creative vacuum. However, as seems to be usual, my creative subconscious came to the rescue and, in minutes, I was penning a new piece of action; something that will lend the novel more depth and provide a new area of action for some future writing as well. So, I ended up with 2000 new words and a new idea.
My internet connection was down this morning and I assumed it was a problem with either the modem or the ISP. But it soon became clear it was actually the phone line that was not operating. I powered on the mobile (I always turn it off overnight to prevent unwanted interruptions) and then realised I had very little credit. So, a call to the network to place some credit. Then a call to my broadband supplier, Talk Talk. No real help there; their help line (that's a joke) was busy and I wasn't about to spend my newly-credited cash just waiting for a response.
We had our usual Sunday morning walk, enjoying the local countryside. Then all three of us sauntered down to a local pub for a belated celebration of my birthday; a simple family lunch outing.
On our return, I tried the Talk Talk help line again and this time got a recorded message to tell me that there was a technical problem with the lines in my area, they were working on it but could give no time it was likely to be resolved.
Did a few post items to schedule for the future, sent a few question sets out for future interviewees, and then, lo and behold, the internet connection was re-established. All emails answered.
Now, it's time for relaxation, I think.
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