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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Writing: Another 1500 Done

An early start again and 1500 words placed before breakfast. This section has a perceived threat become a reality and two of the characters planning their escape from the trap that is about to close around them. The other writing things I've done today include an update to the suggested Books page and a small update to the Writing Contests page, so if you like to pit your wits against the judges, have a look and see if any of the links takes you to a place you'd like to try for a prize. Some of these contests offer decent prizes with no entry fee as well. Also, I joined a poetry group on Facebook a while ago and today I posted my first piece of verse there. You'll find it at  but you'll have to scroll down a good way because this is an active group and there are plenty of posts every day. One of the group thought my piece was 'brilliant', which is nice to know. I've had a few dozen emails in my 'pending' place and I dealt with all of those today as well. So, quite productive.
We took the car to town for groceries and to buy new mats for the car and a can of spray paint to touch up some of the body work before it rusts.
Our walk was just a short trek around the block to get the blood flowing after so much physical inactivity.
And I've just delivered Kate and her friend, Charlotte, to a party at a local pub. Another 18th birthday party; this one a themed 'Where's Wally?' do.
The remainder of the evening is for reading and gazing at the TV screen instead of the PC monitor. Recharging the batteries in readiness for tomorrow.

The picture is from a local walk, about 8 miles away, near a village called Huggate.
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