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Monday, 2 May 2011

Writing: Ch24 Complete & Ch25 Begun.

This morning I finished Ch24, which now runs to 4551 words. All three threads of the story now weaving well together, with the major driving force of the celestial event affecting the action for all groups. As readers, would any of you like more information regarding characters, locations, etc as I continue this diary? As writers, is there anything you'd like me to include, or exclude in this account? Writing epic fantasy is demanding in some ways, requiring extensive imagination and the ability to reside within the envisioned world. On the other hand, current events here on our real world have no part in such fantasy, so, apart from linguistic anachronisms, the writer is less restricted in the use of ideas than is the writer who sets stories in the known world. Many fantasy writers include magical creatures in their stories; dragons and unicorns are common. Many dwell on the physical battles between good and evil. Many rely on esoteric magic elements. There are references to dragons, there is war between good and evil and I do employ a small amount of magic in my novel. But the story is much more about my characters and their interaction within several societies founded on different religions, so that I explore many of the topics that others have neglected.
Whether my story will appeal to many or just a few remains to be seen. I hope for the former, of course: writing is communication and communication without an audience is a little pointless, after all.
So, the rest of my day has been taken up with a pleasant rural walk with Valerie, a short session in the garden, moving a few plants about in preparation for a fairly major project I have planned, and some social networking via Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.
I've also started Ch25, just a couple of hundred words, but ready to continue tomorrow after my return to the office after this long weekend break.

The picture, taken at the weekend, is entitled 'Cloudy Sky.' Enjoy.
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