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Friday, 10 June 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Jack

Bowls match in progress at Wookey HoleImage via Wikipedia
Jack: noun - a man, male representative of the common folk, ordinary man; lad, chap; a way of addressing an unknown man; figure, in the form of a man, which strikes a bell on the outside of a clock; sailor; serving man, labourer, odd-job man; lumberjack; military policeman, detective; the knave or lowest court card showing a picture of a male youth; something which saves labour; a device, tool; machine for turning a spit to roast meat; any of various machines consisting of a roller or winch; frame for sawing wood; part of a spinet or harpsichord connecting a key to its corresponding string, and causing the string to be plucked when the key is pressed down; a device, usually portable, for lifting heavy objects, often one used under a vehicle to raise it off the ground; an oscillating lever in a stocking frame or knitting machine; money, five pounds, a five-pound note; in lawn Bowls - the smaller ball used as a target for the players to aim at; the male of various animals, e.g. a male hawk, a male merlin, a male ass kept for breeding mules

‘Jack played cards like a man only half aware; he had a pair of jacks in his hand but jacked it in when he could’ve won the trick.’

‘Danni stood by the Lamborghini as the hired hand placed the jack under the car to change the wheel, so she could be on her way to the gig.’

‘Valerie bowled the jack to the greatest length, knowing her opponent had shown difficulty bowling to the jack at that distance.’

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