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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Writing: 4200 Words. Can it be True?

Three sessions on the epic fantasy today. And a total of 4,200 words added. And it's still going well. And I'm still enjoying it. Am I on target? I haven't done the maths; too tired now. I'll have to do a quick calc tomorrow and own up then. But we're moving and learning more about one of the protagonists and the new land I've entered with him. Great fun creating these imagined landscapes, people, customs and histories. Love it.
Have I done anything else? Well, a short walk with my wife to buy some new wiper blades for the car and a new beard trimmer, since the old one has a switch with a mind of its own. Tickets for the holiday arrived today: whoopeee!
Entered a short story into a contest. Something I have't done for some time. And dealt with most of the emails that came in; both inboxes are now almost empty. Until tomorrow, of course.
For those of you interested in epic fantasy, have a glance at the interview with Ian Alexander, posted below.
So, the bottle of Rioja has been left to breathe and should now be ready to sample. But I'll await Valerie's return from her bowls match before I fill a glass. In the meantime, I think a spot of relaxation on the sofa with some great music; classical or rock? I'll have to decide once I'm there.
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