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Friday, 24 June 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Quadrangle

Quadrangle: noun – Geometry - figure with four angles and four sides; Palmistry - area of human palm bounded by four lines; square or rectangular space or courtyard entirely or mainly surrounded by buildings, as in some colleges and often shortened to ‘quad’; rectangular building or block, building containing a square or rectangular courtyard.

‘Whilst in her cups, Marianne was dared by the boys, whose rooms overlooked the paved quadrangle, to walk naked from one side of the quad to the other. Fortunately for her, she was not as drunk as they believed and accepted their challenge only on condition that they would do likewise.’

Blogger seems to have altered the way posts are composed and that means I've lost my little widget from Zemanta that allowed me to add all sorts of appropriate images (public domain stuff). So, it looks as though I'll have to rely on illustrations from my own photos in future. This one shows the old fort at Spinalonga in Crete, that used to be a leper colony.
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