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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Writing: 3400 Words Before Breakfast

And, I can tell you, I was ready for that breakfast, when it came. I knew I had a relatively busy day ahead of me today, with preparations for a social evening (due to start soon) and some work to do for a feature I'm collaborating with, which needed completing today. So, my early morning start found me pounding the keys and scratching my head; not an easy activity with only two hands. The head scratching arose from the fact that I'd placed a protagonist in a situation without any apparent escape. But, once I got through the skull and reached the brain, I discovered a solution, and then the fingers were flying. So, 3,400 words closer to the target. But it's becoming increasingly obvious that I'll need probably 2 or 3 further chapters to conclude, once I reach the 200,000 word target I've set.
Caught in a cloudburst this morning, whilst shopping for food for tonight, and had to stand under the awning of a local butcher's shop. He came to the door with his awning pole and threatened to push it back up so we'd leave, since we were blocking the view of potential buyers passing by. Actually, he was joking, since there wasn't a soul moving on the street. The rain was so heavy that everyone was sheltering somewhere or other.
So, that's me done for today. Relaxation with good company, wine music and food calls.

The picture is of a local seaside town called Staithes, taken last summer. Lovely spot.
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