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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Table

Table: noun - flat slab or board, usually a thin sheet of wood, stone, metal, a board, plate, slab, or tablet forming a surface; In architecture - a horizontal member projecting as a string course or cornice; flat rectangular vertical surface, sunk into or projecting beyond the surrounding surface, a panel; board or other flat surface for a painted picture, the picture; In palmistry - a quadrangle between lines on the palm of the hand; In anatomy - either of two dense bony layers of the skull separated by the diploe; a flat plate or board used with or forming part of a mechanism or apparatus; a flat metal plate for supporting something to be worked on; the upper part of the soundboard in an organ, perforated to admit air to the pipes; In a full table diamond – a diamond cut with a large flat upper surface surrounded by smaller facets, the flat surface of a table diamond or other gem; a flat elevated tract of land, tableland, plateau or flat mountain top; large flat circular sheet of crown glass; crystal of flattened or short prismatic form; raised board at which people may sit, piece of furniture consisting of a raised flat top of wood, or other solid material, supported on one or more legs, and used to place things on for various purposes; company of people at table, a group seated for dinner; an official body of people who do business around a table; the provision of food for meals; supply of food in a household; tabulated arrangement or statement; systematic display of numbers, words, or items in a definite and compact form; a display of information in columns and lines occupying a single defined area; list, written or recited, of multiplications of two factors, weights, measures; collection of data stored in memory as a series of records, each defined by a unique key stored with it.

‘Jock, Henry, Glenda and Paul sat around the table, eating curry and discussing the end of season table of the Premier League.’

‘When partying, which she did frequently, it wasn’t uncommon for Janice to step up onto the table, slip off her clothes and dance nude for all and sundry.’

‘James created a table on the computer to show the relationship between the cost of items bought and the frequency of such purchases.’
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