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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Writing: 2000 Words, 1 New Character

This post should have appeared yesterday, but, due to the changes made to Blogger, it didn't appear.
Wednesday is my half day at the office and the end of my employment week (part time employment allows me to do full time work - the rest is the writing). Home in time for lunch and then settled down and wrote another 2000 words. Had a short break midway to develop another character and write a profile for him, as he was essential to the next stage of the plot. Still a lot happening. With just over 26,000 words to reach my target 200,000, I'm fast approaching the denouement, which means that all three story threads need to converge, or at least come to natural conclusions. The story will continue into volume 3, of course. But that should see this piece of epic fantasy concluded. Whether or not I continue with the land, characters and societies I've imagined into existence will depend on the how readers respond to the books, of course.
As for the rest of today; I visit a seaside town each Wednesday, where my writing group meets. We discuss the work we are each doing and look at many other aspects of the writing life. Always an interesting and stimulating evening, especially as we are all published writers. Some, in fact, are multi-published, and in a number of different areas.
So, that's me for today. On my return I shall relax with Valerie. Tomorrow, Kate takes her first two A level exams; wish her luck.

The picture shows a local field, about fifteen minutes walk away, planted with potatoes.
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