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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Writing: 2600 Words Again.

Driffield back gardenImage by stuartaken via FlickrAn early rise and 2600 words flowing from the fingertips before breakfast. The new location makes for some good variations in the narrative and tests the characters. Room for growth here. It was handy that the day started very warm and continued in this way, since I was writing an episode set in a desert.
Later, I spent some time pretending to be a carpenter, altering the way the headboard is fixed to the bed in an effort to make the bed-making a little easier. So long as no one looks too closely (and why would they?) it'll pass muster and looks fine from the normal viewing positions. More importantly, it does the job.
Had lunch in the garden under a sun shining between fluffy clouds and heating the ground to almost sub-tropical temperatures. I'll have more of this, please. I even took my afternoon rest on a sun lounger in the garden. Fortunately, we're relatively private here, so no sniggers at my exposed form from the neighbours. Those blue swimming shorts are the height of fashion, I'll have you know!
This evening I discovered I had allowed the blog posts to get right up to date, with nothing scheduled for tomorrow. So, I had to get more words done for the Daily Word Spot. Managed to prepare enough to take me through to next Wednesday. There's another 2 author interviews awaiting preparation for posting as well, so I'll be busy tomorrow. When am I going to find time to get this new anthology published? It's no good; I'll have to take early retirement so I have time to do the writing. Chance would be a fine thing.

The picture shows the back garden.

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