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Friday, 3 June 2011

Writing: 2900 Words; Better.

This morning, the computer was playing up; Excel was slow and the custom dictionary in Word pretended not to exist. I wrote on nevertheless and managed 2900 words of blistering prose, taking three separate story threads further through the tale. After breakfast, I restarted the machine and all settled back to normal, apart from Media Player, which had somehow lost all my music from the playlist. I created a new one and imported all the albums into that; it now works again as well. Bloody computers!
A quick trip to Tesco's for fresh groceries and then lunch under a clear blue sky in the garden.
Kate took a friend off to the coast in the car to 'study' on the beach.
This afternoon I scheduled more posts for the blog to take me to next Thursday. Read some of one of my writing magazines with a great feature about the late great John Sullivan.
After tea, pinched Kate's bike to carry Valerie's bowls bag to the local bowling green, where she had a match, and then cycled back. I'd forgotten how much effort it takes to cycle against the wind and up even a slight incline!
This evening, I've completed 8 character profiles, which leaves another 8 to do. But now I'm going to spend the remains of the day with Valerie, sitting on the sofa and watching comedy on the idiots' lantern, whilst imbibing some Cabernet Sauvignon from the case I got from Naked Wines on my birthday.

The picture shows a villa in Crete.

And I've just noticed I've reached 300 followers on the blog tonight. If you'd care to join them, please do. As a member of Facebook, you just click on the Networked Blogs link, and if you don't belong to FB, just click on the 'Follow' link instead. I'd love to have you along for the ride.
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