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Friday, 3 June 2011

Writing: 2900 Words; Better.

Up and found my computer had decided to only partly load the start up programs. Excel, which I use for my timeline, took forever to load. Word came up and didn't recognise my custom dictionary, which meant that every character and place in the epic fantasy sat on the page with a squiggly red line beneath it. I wrote on ignoring it all and got down 2900 words in three separate threads. Whilst I was having breakfast with Valerie, I restarted the system and all came back to life as normal, except that my Windows Media Player, which I use for the background music during my writing, had lost all the music from the playlist. It was still there in the various albums, so I created a new playlist and dragged all the albums into it. Seems to be fine again now. Weird.
Lunch again in the garden following a trip to Tesco's for light groceries, since Kate had the car to take herself and a friend to the coast to 'study' on the beach.
Discovered I had no 'spare' blog posts prepared, so did enough of those to last until next Thursday.
Took Valerie to her bowls match, which was in the town tonight. Kate still had the car so I pinched her bike to carry the bowls bag and then rode back home. I'd forgotten what an effort it can be to cycle against the wind and up even the shallowest incline.
This evening, I've completed 8 of the new character profiles, so just another half dozen or so to go. Oh, no, 2 more, since I need a couple more to interact with another main character.
Time now for a relaxing end to the day with a glass, or two, of Cabernet Sauvignon from the case of reds I got from Naked Wines for my birthday.
 The picture is of a villa on Crete.

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