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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Writing: 3500 Words in Two Sessions

Started off this morning with 2,500 words of the epic fantasy. This was after a short session of email response and some breakfast with Kate who was on her way to school to take her 'A' levels in English Lit and Media. She's out celebrating with a group of fellow students and the English teacher now, having done what she can in the exams. One more to go, next week.
Spent some time in the garden, cutting back a vicious pyrocantha to allow a bit more room to turn the car, once I've made the hardstanding for the turning. Had to rest after that.
Had another session in the afternoon, working on new blog posts. Then, following tea, another session of writing on the fantasy, creating another 1,000 words. So, not a bad day's work in all.
Time now for rest and relaxation in readiness for tomorrow's session.

The picture shows a fisherman's hut on the coast of Crete.
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