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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Writing: 3,600 Words Today, in Two Sessions

A dust storm, making its way from the Sahara t...Image via WikipediaSunday, and the traditional time for a lie-in. So, naturally, I was up just after 07:00 and pounding the keys ten minutes later. No coffee, no reading of emails, no side-tracking. Just straight on with the writing of the epic fantasy. I completed around 1300 words before I needed to wake Valerie and Kate for breakfast; quickly prepared but eaten at a leisurely pace. Back into the study and a further 2300 words written, ending ch 35 and starting ch 36. Today, I watched my heroine dance in the desert sands and later present herself to the man who would have her as a slave. I protected myself with the hero against a sand storm; well, actually, I don't yet know how he'll fare there, since I haven't concluded that episode yet.
Lunch, and then into the garden to pot on a few plants whose homes were becoming too confining for them. And the removal of a small flowering bush, the name of which escapes me, which has succumbed to the drought and died. That is now in pieces in the recycling bin to be sent to be turned into compost.
Back into the study to complete 2 character profiles and work on a few more blog posts to be scheduled. Also, a lengthy piece on the organic growth of the English language for a guest spot on another blog. A few comments on some of the groups I belong to and some odd tweets just for fun.
The evening meal, followed by a constitutional and, once I've concluded here, a nice pot of Earl Grey before settling down to relax for what remains of the day.

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