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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Writing: 4700 Words, And on a Sunday.

The epic fantasy continues apace. Two sessions today, with 1,900 words before breakfast. Interesting illustration of the workings of the subconscious: I was eating breakfast with my wife and we taking about nothing in particular. I mentioned that I’d started the session with very little idea of my direction, really no more than an aim in mind. A plot device had arrived, as they do, out of the blue, and I’d written this as part of the story, adding drama and action. But, in talking about the new plot section, I suddenly realised that I had worked the event to tie in exactly with another event and that the two would coincide a couple of days further in the story. This coincidence would work excellently with the major story threads. And this all happened as if by accident. But was, of course, my subconscious diligently doing its duty and feeding me the ideas just when they were needed.
The second session took me to a total of 4,700 today. Very satisfactory, especially since I also had to produce a new character profile for a character who is quite important to this part of the novel, but who will disappear after this section ends.
Made a start on the next lot of updates for the contest page, but I’m tired now, so that will have to wait. Also, worked on more blog posts so I can schedule those for the days I’ll be away from the computer in the not-too-distant future.
The target is 200,000 (though that is flexible, as it depends on the way the plot finally pans out. But it's a reasonable notional figure to aim for). I'm currently at 171,118, which leaves a balance of 28,882 words to complete before I take my break from the computer on 6 July. Think I'll make it?

The picture shows a Clematis from my garden, taken during the week, before the welcome rain started.

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