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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are sold as integrated sets w...Image via Wikipedia
Cabinet: noun - case or cupboard usually with doors and shelves; collection of biological or numismatic specimens; a chamber with temperature and humidity controls, used for incubating biological samples; small room providing seclusion; small exhibition room in a museum; private room used as council chamber of chief councillors of a sovereign; the consultations and actions of these councillors; body of advisers of a head of state; advisory council of a governor of a state or a mayor; a meeting of a Cabinet.

‘Harold emptied out the shopping bags and filled the kitchen cabinet with the groceries he’d bought at the supermarket.’

‘Calling the Cabinet to order, Shirley rose to her feet, at the head of the table, and announced her intention to become an absolute dictator and have all the members present shot as an example to any who might oppose her plans for world domination.’

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