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Friday, 29 July 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Early

Early: adjective - designating, belonging to, existing or occurring close to the beginning of a time period, e.g. morning, day, evening, etc.; belonging to, designating, or relating to the initial phase of an epoch, personal development, history of a people, or the world etc.; ancient; at the beginning in serial order; happening before it is too late; arriving or occurring before the due time; former, foremost, first in time.

‘Unable to sleep, Gloria spent the early hours watching the sun rise blood red from a field of pinks, oranges, flame and gold.’

‘Harold was so nervous about being late for his interview that he turned up an hour early and had to kill time in a local cafĂ©, drinking copious amounts of coffee.’

Pic: Staithes, North Yorkshire.
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