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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Purple Prose

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Purple prose: the use of over flowery or emotionally exaggerated language to describe events, people and feelings in a work of fiction. There are those, the ones without any romantic content to the souls, who automatically conclude that any work of romance is necessarily composed of purple prose. Such ignorance has long been demonstrated as erroneous by the brilliance of writers like Jane Austen, Rosie Thomas and D.H Lawrence.

A passage of purple prose, especially for you:
‘Jason, tanned and taught muscles staining at the fine silk of his designer shirt, poured honeyed words of love and appreciation over Laticia’s panting form as he stroked her pulsating flesh with the tender tips of his exploring fingers. Heavenly choirs chorused enchanting melodies in tones of ecstasy as his roseate lips lingered on hers, raising her desire to levels never before experienced. And the heat of a thousand flaming brands of passion seared through her heaving loins as his strong but gentle hands slipped beneath the…’

That’s enough of that. It’s difficult to write this stuff unless it comes to you naturally. But you get the picture?

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