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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Labour

Labour: noun - Effort of body or mind; physical or mental work; a job performed; pains taken to further a matter or obtain a favour; childbirth, the time from the start of regular uterine contractions until the placenta is expelled; physical work required to execute a task; the contribution of a worker to production; workers, especially manual workers, taken as a social class or a political force; the Labour Party.

‘Irish navvies supplied much of the labour needed to construct such engineering marvels as the railway viaduct at Ribblehead.’

‘Catherine spent 27 hours in labour, puffing, panting and occasionally cursing and screaming, before she gave birth to a wailing baby boy.’

‘Labour and Conservative governments have more or less alternated in power in the UK for the past century, often overturning the laws made by the previous incumbents and working in open opposition instead of ruling by consensus, as voting habits would suggest is the will of the people.’

Pic: The road down to Stainforth, North Yorkshire.
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