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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Kamikaze

"USS BUNKER HILL hit by two Kamikazes in ...Image via Wikipedia
Kamikaze: noun - in Japanese tradition, this is the gale that destroyed the fleet of the invading Mongols in 1281; during the Second World War, it came to represent both the crewman of a Japanese aircraft and the plane itself. Usually loaded with explosives, these made deliberate suicidal attacks, crashing into enemy targets; a suicide pilot or plane; in surfing - a wipeout taken deliberately.

'I tell you, I could see the mad eyes of that Kamikaze pilot as he aimed his fighter at the bridge of our destroyer. It was only Johnnie's accurate anti-aircraft fire that saved us and blew the bugger up before he could crash into us.'

5 October 1936 And 200 men set out from Jarrow in the north east of England to march to London and bring the poverty of their region to the attention of the politicians in Whitehall.

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