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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Transcript or transcription?

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Transcript or transcription?
Transcript: noun -  something that has been transcribed; a written or printed copy; in law - a copy of a legal record; a copy, imitation, or reproduction; a representation or interpretation.

Transcription: noun - the act or process of transcribing something; also, an example of this; the result of transcribing something; a transcript or copy; in Roman Law - a transfer or assignment of debt or obligation.  

Although it is possible to use 'transcription' as a synonym for 'transcript', it is best avoided, as it can cause confusion.


'When the comedy writer made a transcript of the scene, it was both accurate and highly decorated with rude depictions of the action suggested in the text.'

'Hilary was engaged in the transcription of the conversation she'd had with her ex-boyfriend, ensuring she wrote it word for word, so she'd have the evidence to condemn him out of his own mouth when he next tried to seduce her.'

A transcript is a thing; a transcription is the process of creating it.

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