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Thursday, 17 November 2011

#NaNoWriMo progress, day 17 = 71414 total words

The antibiotics have more or less kicked in and left me feeling much better. Had a pleasant country walk this morning after breakfast, to refresh the spirit.
The NaNoWriMo challenge has been a great motivator for me and today I've achieved 60% of my self-imposed target, completing 5,136 words in two sessions and reaching a total of 71,414 words. Much happening in the story today, with half a dozen minor characters elbowing their way into the plot; not sure whether none, all or some of these will reappear just at the moment. But they provided some fun and diversion and erected a few small barriers for my hero to overcome. But Mel's a game guy. And the heroine, Isla, is a spunky, young woman with a determined independent streak. They continue to surprise me from time to time, which is all great and keeps me on my toes.
The picture is a Wordle image of Chapter 20. It's interesting that 'Isla' appears quite a lot in this chapter. The story is narrated from Mel's pov, in first person, so his name only appears when someone calls him by it. And the 'love' and 'make' should give some indication of the romantic element here.
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