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Sunday, 13 November 2011

#NaNoWriMo Progress on Day 13 = 57366 words

Been another good day, with 4,407 words added to the total for NaNoWriMo to bring it to 57,366. Almost halfway to my own target now. Today I've robbed a couple of gays, stolen a car and taken a ride in a lorry. But are those buggers who are chasing me any nearer to catching me? We'll have to wait, I guess.

The Wordle at the right is from the latest completed chapter, chap 17. If you want to create a similar word pattern yourself, go to and paste in the text you want to use. You can alter the font, colour, orientation and layout to suit yourself. Why not have a go? It's easy and fun and actually has a practical application, in that it shows you how often you use certain words, since those are the ones that appear largest and most boldly.
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