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Friday, 16 December 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot (Antonyms): Laborious/Easy

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Laborious: adjective - assiduous, industrious, hard-working; characterized by or involving labour or exertion; necessitating labour in execution.

Easy: adjective - comfortable, quiet, tranquil; characterized by ease or rest; conducive to ease or comfort; an action or task that can be completed with little effort.

'As the eldest daughter, Dubaku, was forced into the laborious task of providing water for the whole family by walking two miles each way to the well, carrying two ewers, four times every day.'

'Fadil led an easy life, as a married man with three wives and seven daughters, he had nothing to do all day but sit and talk with his contemporaries, whilst the women did all the work and kept him fed and comfortable.'  

1431 - King Henry VI of England was crowned king of France; just think, if subsequent wars hadn't intervened, the English and French would now be a single nation!

1631 - Mount Vesuvius, Italy erupted, destroying 6 villages and killing 4,000 local inhabitants. It was this eruption that led to the discovery of Pompeii. There is strong evidence to suggest it will erupt again in the near future, which, with over 2,000,000 people living within the immediate vicinity, could cause significant loss of life.

1653 - Oliver Cromwell was sworn in as English Lord Protector, ostensibly replacing the late King Charles I as head of the nation. As usually happens with leaders, he quickly forgot his dislike of dictatorship and became a tyrant.

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