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Friday, 2 December 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Fable/truth

Fable/truth – antonyms.

Fable: noun - a fictional narrative or statement; a myth or legend; a fiction devised to deceive; a ridiculous or dishonest story; idle talk; something falsely claimed to exist, or not existing outside legend; a short story with animals as characters conveying a moral; someone or something that has become proverbial.

Truth: noun - faithfulness, loyalty, constancy; trust, confidence; belief, a creed; disposition to speak or act truly or sincerely; truthfulness, sincerity; fact, facts; the matter or circumstance as it really exists; the real thing, as opposed to a representation or imitation; a Religious belief or doctrine held to be true or orthodox; orthodoxy; conduct in accord with a divine standard; spirituality of life and behaviour; what is true or real; reality; a true statement; something held or accepted as true; a fixed or established principle; conformity with fact; genuineness; authenticity; accuracy of representation in art or literature; lifelike quality; in Architecture, without pretence or imitation; conformity with a standard, pattern, or rule; accuracy, precision, correctness.

'Most of the stories and reports concerning religious entities are fables; that these myths and legends have long been mistaken for truths is a matter for great concern amongst those who understand the value of honesty.'

'The behaviour and values of the vast majority of politicians, in particular the leaders in that field, demonstrate that they have no understanding of the meaning of truth. Like so many journalists, they mistake opinion for fact and proceed as though their particular beliefs about social matters equal truths, when, in most cases they represent only their own narrow and often distorted views of reality.'

2/12/1697 - St Paul's Cathedral was opened in London
2/12/1755 - The second Eddystone Lighthouse was destroyed by fire.

Pic:  Barmouth beach, Dorset.

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