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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Cacoch

Edmond Halley
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Cacoch: Another of my occasional gods of the world, ancient and modern.
This one, from the Mayan stable, is a creator god, who apparently brought forth the water lily, which, in turn, was the life form from which all other Mayan deities sprang. It seems a little odd that, as the initiator of the other deities, he is also placed in the rather lowly role of the messenger of another creator god, Hachacyum.  But I guess this inconsistency is simply in line with most religious myth and legend, in that there is little of logic of reason involved.

3rd December 1621 - Galileo invented the telescope; good man. A great help in dispelling many of the then current myths about the Earth and its place in the universe.
3rd December 1678 - Edmund Halley, the astronomer, received an MA from Queen's College, Oxford.

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