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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Face

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Face: noun - front of head, from forehead to chin; visage, countenance; corresponding part of an animal, insect, or other creature; a portrait; form of address to someone, especially if admired or despised. Slang; the countenance as a way of expressing feelings, character; what's shown by expression; a grimace; the countenance with regard to beauty, make-up, cosmetics; the surface of anything; in Astrology - a third of a sign of the zodiac, extending over 10 degrees in longitude; a polished surface; either side of a medal or coin; the outer or upper side of a two-sided object; the front; the inscribed side of a document; the picture side of a playing card; in Architecture - the facade of a building; the exposed surface of a wall; the front of an arch; the main side, frequently vertical or steeply sloped, presented by the front of a cliff, a geological fault; an open slope or hillside; each surface of a solid; the dial of a clock or watch; the working surface of an implement or tool; the striking surface of a cricket bat, golf club, hockey stick, etc.; external look; semblance of; outward show; disguise, pretence; a pretext; visible state or condition; aspect; in Typography - the printing surface of type; a style of type; boldface, fat-face, old-face, etc.; in Mining - the end of a tunnel where work is going on; the principal surface from which coal is being removed.

'Karmen Kass is the face of Max Factor today.'

'George made a face when his mother tried to get him to eat sprouts.'

'Climbing the face of the cliff required more skill than Jennifer had developed at this stage and she fell off, plunging into the calm sea below.'

'The medallion awarded to the winning competitors had one face bearing the name and date of the contest but the main face carrying a depiction of a naked female athlete engaged in the sport.'

7th December 1732 - The Royal Opera House opened in Covent Garden, London.
7th December 1783 - Theatre Royal opened in Covent Garden, London
7th December 1783 - William Pitt Jr (24) became Britain's youngest Prime Minister
7th December 2011- It's 70 years since Pearl harbour was attacked by the Japanese

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