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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Eager/indifferent?

English: Pope Pius IX funeral.
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Eager/indifferent: antonyms

Eager: adjective - full of or demonstrating keen desire or appetite; impatiently longing.

Indifferent:  adjective - without inclination or feeling for or against someone or something; unconcerned, unmoved, uninterested.

'James was indifferent to Jennifer when she wore her spectacles but, when she removed them he was eager for her attention, thereby demonstrating the superficial nature of most young men.'

'Jennifer was so eager for attention that she ditched common sense, modesty and self-esteem, along with most of her cover in order to attract James. But, when he finally showed an interest in her and stroked a clammy hand over her skin, she grew indifferent and, making an inaudible excuse, hurried out of his sight.'

8th December 1792 - Henry Laurens  became the first person to be legally cremated in the USA.
8th December 1854 - Pope Pius IX proclaimed the Immaculate Conception, making Mary free of Original Sin. A generous and timely gesture on behalf of this male dominated club, which followed years of disapprobation of the innocent mother of their spiritual leader with a new determination to make her into a virginal saint. Always the extremes: this poor woman who, if there is any historical element to the myths, was clearly no more than the lover of the man she expected to marry but was subject to painful death under the religious law of the land at the time. Wouldn't you conceive a cover story under such circumstances?

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