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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Metaphor

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Metaphor: noun - a figure of speech where a name, descriptive word or pertinent phrase is assigned to an object or action different from, but similar to, that to which it is literally relevant; an instance of this, a metaphorical expression.

'One indication that a novel falls into the genre of literary fiction is the confident use of metaphor throughout the writing.'

'Crossing the beach from the sea in her bikini, the girl burned the eyes of her followers as they felt the heat wave she left in her wake.' 
'A breath of wind stirred the standing barley, sending waves across the field.'  
'The hippie girl swayed in her rainbow muslin sheath.'   

942 - William I of Normandy was assassinated.

1900 - A first prize of 10,000 francs was offered for communications with extra-terrestrials, but Martians were excluded as they were considered too easy. Could be a retrospective claim of false discrimination, taking account of current knowledge.

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