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Friday, 2 March 2012

In Aid of Inshore Rescue

A friend of mine, Rick Sumner, has produced a slim volume of comic verse to be sold to raise funds for the local inshore rescue service. This maritime service has done sterling work over the years since it was first introduced, rescuing people in difficulties in the seas around the East Yorkshire town of Hornsea. If you'd like to obtain a copy, but don't get as far as Hornsea, here's the contact link.

And, by way of a tempter, here's an example of the verse:

 A very small fellow once stated
That he wanted his legs elongated
But when his friend Jack
Stretched him out on a rack
He screamed 'STOP, being tall's over rated.'

Rick's Rescue Rhymes can be purchased for the enormous outlay of £1.00 from Hornsea Inshore Rescue, or by post, by contacting Rick using the link above. For that service, there will be a small postal service, but all money raised goes to this excellent cause.
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