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Thursday, 29 March 2012

An Offer of Mentoring for Writers

I was sent the following by a professional contact on LinkedIn Terrence Brejla is described as
Visionary Communications, Social Media, and Marketing Professional.  Although I don't know Terrence personally, he came well recommended. 

Subsequent to the initial information, I received suggestions that he may not be all I was originally given to believe. I have no knowledge of the man or his work and only passed the information on because of the link through LinkedIn. However, I have no wish to either endorse or denigrate the man or his services. The easiest thing for me to have done under the circumstances would have been to remove the original post completely. However, I've decided to remove only the 'advert' such as it was and pass this on to you for you to investigate and proceed as you will.

I have no connection to this, other than my link on LinkedIn, a professional networking community I strongly advise you to join.

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