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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Writing This Week

Not been the smoothest of weeks, for all sorts of reasons.
But, I've finally found the 'voice' for the NaNoWriMo novel, after a number of false starts. It means some modification, but will result in a better book, so worth the effort. I've done the first 3 chapters so far and I'm finally feeling pleased with the results.
No short stories this week. But I've completed a new blog post and continued with the debate on ethics and morals, as shown a couple of posts below this one. Why not get involved? I'm working towards a discussion on piracy of books, so it should interest most of you.
Been a bit off colour this week again, following last week's virus, but now on the way to recovery.
Also been making a start on some technical help for a female friend, who writes well but hasn't a clue about technical issues. She needs to get her work published as ebooks and I've offered my help. Initially, I'm intending to run a bit of promotion for her work (all erotica of the more gentle and romantic sort, I gather) here until I can get a blog set up for her. She's new to the idea of publishing and is still choosing her pen name, so I can't even flag that up yet. But her writing is good, so worth the effort and the wait.
It's been a week of bits and pieces: I'll be glad to get back to a bit of normality. Whatever that might be!
Still, did manage a reasonable walk with Valerie during the week. And I'm picking up some of the technical improvements on Photoshop Elements 10, which I installed a couple of weeks back. So, some progress, even if I feel I could have been more productive.
Keep reading and, if you write, writing.
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