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Monday, 3 March 2014

Ghost in the Gold, by Lilleyn Kaye, Reviewed

Looking for fantasy, I came across this book via a recommendation, and I’m glad I did. Lilleyn Kaye is a new author to me and I’ll certainly look out for more of her work. In this tale of witchcraft and love, she sends the reader on a journey with plenty of twists and turns.

Those familiar with my reviews will know that I’m very keen on good characters. In Ari, Sira and Dion, this writer gives us well-rounded characters with their flaws and idiosyncrasies; people we can relate to and empathise with. But, in Claudia and Edward, she gives us a pair of the most wicked individuals you could ever wish to find on the page; I can only hope never to meet such evil in real life!

The theme of the book allows for plenty of sex, but this is neither intrusive nor excessive, as it’s an essential component of the story. In particular, the sexual awakening of young woman with no experience is handled well, illustrating the theme of the corruption of innocence without straying into prurience.

The story is well written and paced, taking the reader through events that slowly build into a nightmare experience. The final third of the book is fast-paced and tense, culminating in a denouement that is both inevitable and satisfying. Have your tissues handy.

A fantasy romance with edge, this is a book that will hold your attention and reward your time with a story well told. Fully recommended.
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