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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Watch That Space.

A week away, relaxing after the demanding build-up and aftermath of the book launch. A tranquil rural setting, pleasant folk, attractive scenery and nothing to do but eat, walk and spend quality time with my wife. Refreshes the spirit.

There’s still plenty to do: Networks need updating with the new book, volume 3 is still undergoing the penultimate edit, and the writing contest page needs an update. But, my priority on return home was to alter my work space.


The quality of the spot we work in can seriously impact the effectiveness of our hours spent at the keyboard. This is a creative space, after all. For what I considered practical reasons, I’d arranged my desk so that I had my back to the window. This, in turn, meant the window had to have a blind to prevent daylight reflecting off the computer screen. But, as a place to write with imagination, it lacked the right feel.

So, I gave the arrangement a proper look, considered my actual options, and decided there was more sense in altering my position so that the window was beside me.

I’ve spent the day making the changes. Not just the furniture, which is pretty minimal in this tiny room, but changing the location of some books, making the computer set-up more user friendly, chucking out some of the rubbish that inevitably congregates over time. It’s been physically demanding, but worth the effort and time.

I’m now sitting with daylight to my right and shelves lined with books to back and front. There are still a few minor changes to be made, but they’ll be done piecemeal. The room is clean and dust free again and I can actually find things I need.

It’s both settling and energising, this change. Too often we allow ourselves to put up with what we have because it seems like too much trouble to alter it. I feel better for the changes. Feel better. And that’s the significant thing. Change can be transformational or, at the very least, inspirational, if we look at it in positive terms.

So, have a look at your work space (if you have one) and decide whether it really is the best you can make it. I look forward to a more productive and inspired time in here now. Once this piece is posted, I’ll get on with some new writing. Have a go, see if it reinvigorates your writing muscles as it has mine.
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