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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

List of Characters Appearing in Joinings: A Seared Sky.

Readers and reviewers of my epic fantasy novel, Joinings: A Seared Sky have mentioned that they would benefit from the inclusion of a list of characters in the book.
Dan, my publisher at Fantastic Books Publishing, and I both wish to give readers the best possible experience, so we've now incorporated lists into both the paperback and ebook. These will appear in all books purchased from now.
For those of you who've already bought the book, a copy of the information is given below. This one is for the main characters. A second post will include a list of various titles and characters from myth and legend. You may print off, download, or simply view the information here on the blog, whichever option suits you best.
Enjoy the read.
I've incorporated updated lists into the typescripts of books 2 and 3 and these will be published with comprehensive information provided from the start. When readers make reasonable requests, we like to respond positively if we're able. Our thanks go to those who drew this to our attention.
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