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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Marathon Run and Done.

Regular visitors will be aware I’ve been engaged in a final edit of the last two books of the fantasy trilogy, A Seared Sky, following publication of book 1, Joinings, by Fantastic Books Publishing at the end of March this year.

This edit has involved reading aloud from a printed text to discover those errors and other problems that might slip by the more usual, silent, screen read. I’ve ended up with Book 2, Partings, at 199,000 words over 46 chapters and 600 pages, and Book 3, Convergence, at 189,000 words over 54 chapters and 577 pages.

Both books are now ready to go the publisher, as and when they are ready for them, so readers who’ve already bought Joinings can now be sure they’ll get to finish the story.

Although it’s been a labour of love, it’s also been a lot of hard work. Not because there were many errors; in fact there were relatively few. But because I tend to empathise with my characters when writing and reading, and I’ve placed some of them in very difficult situations, making the read an emotional roller coaster ride for me. I’m hoping readers will suffer the same highs and lows as they encounter the many problems along with the protagonists.

But I’m pleased the job is done. I was ready to let go of this particular piece of writing and hand it over to the book producers. Now I can get on with new work.

A science fiction work set on Mars, which will probably become a novelette, is thrashing about in my subconscious and eager for freedom. So, once I’ve spent a couple of days seeing to those tasks I’ve placed on the back burner during the marathon edit, I’ll be making a start on creating the new book.

Watch out for more news on that over the next few weeks.

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