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Monday, 2 June 2014

Mind Tryst, by Robyn Carr, Reviewed.

Compelling: it must be, because I read Robyn Carr’s ‘Mind Tryst’ under rather trying circumstances. In a nutshell, I was doing a read-aloud edit of the last two books of my fantasy trilogy, spending a great deal of time in deep reading. That meant my energy, interest in and time for other reading was pretty minimal. But this book, which I had started before I commenced with my own work, wouldn’t let me go. I had to know. I had to get to the end.

The narrative character, Jackie, a lawyer from LA who moves to a small town to escape the grief that follows the death of her child, finds herself caught up in a mystery that is at first only odd and disconcerting but slowly builds to become menacing and life-threatening. The relationships in this novel, good and bad, are very well written. The characters all come alive on the page. The reader is introduced to a wide gathering of city slickers and small town folk, and given enough information to permit empathy with all.

This is a psychological thriller with real bite. It’s a page-turner; an involving read. I found myself compelled to discover the secrets hidden in the twists and turns. Sympathy and suspicion vie with each other for the two main characters as Carr skilfully weaves a complex and changing, but ultimately credible story leading to a high-tension ending. There are touches of lightness and even humour to ease the reader through the story.

Women readers in particular should beware of reading this if alone in the house, unless they wish to spend the night awake.

If you enjoy your thrillers with real characters, believable scenarios and accurate, well-researched settings, you’ll enjoy this story. I thoroughly recommend it.
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