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Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Month of May(be)?

May; month of fertility rites and, in UK we hope, sunshine at last. Well, we had a couple of Bank Holidays and the weather, a topic of supreme interest in these islands, proved reasonable for one of those. 50% can’t be bad.

As for me; I’ve spent much of the month doing the read-aloud edit of the last two books in the fantasy trilogy, ASeared Sky. As many of you will know, the first book, Joinings, was published by Fantastic Books Publishing at the end of March. It continues to sell and attract interest and 5 star reviews. In response to remarks in a couple of reviews and from other readers, relating to the character names, I’ve produced a couple of lists of the players and the names used in myth and legend. Dan, my publisher, converted these to PDF docs. If you’d like to download or print them, you’ll find the players’ list here and the myth and legends list here. These are now included in the books for those who buy from now. I want my readers to be certain that they’ll have an opportunity to read the entire trilogy, so I’ve been completing the series by doing the final edit as a read-aloud from a printed script. That entails reading 868 A4 pages of print. Book two is now ready for the publisher. Book three is written and I’m a third of the way through the final edit of that volume.

All that reading aloud has meant I’ve had a diminished taste for other reading, unfortunately. And I’ve a couple of books I really must read and review, so they’re next on the list.

The Sci-Fi novelette that’s anxious to escape from the back of my mind is now really pushing, but it’ll have to wait a little longer before I release it onto the page.

The month has been domestically quite busy, with my daughter returning home from her 3 years at university, her final exhibition, and all the things associated with such effort on behalf of a talented offspring.

I’ve written 17 blog posts, read and reviewed 2 books and penned a dozen poems during the month, as well as partaking in a few online discussions, some continuing on a guest post I did at the end of April on a great site, Writers’ Village, and others on a smashing site I’ve also contributed to in the past, The Blood Red Pencil. I’ve updated the list of my writing successes and posted that as a table at the foot of the Published Works page here on the blog, for those who are interested, click here to take you that page. I’ve also answered questions for an interview on a fantasy website, which should appear some time at the beginning of this month. So, whilst I haven’t created as much as I would have liked, I’ve been pretty busy with writing stuff. How’s your month gone?

The chart, explained:
Writing - initial creation of stories, blog posts, reviews and longer works.
Editing - polishing of all written work to make it suitable for readers.
Research - discovery of info for story content, market research, contests and blog posts.
Reading - books and writing magazines.
Networking - emails, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and comments.

Admin - story submission, blog posting, marketing, organisation, tax, and general admin tasks.
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