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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Are You Very Very Sure of This? #1

Over the next few weeks, I’m looking at the very frequent use of ‘very’, which is very bad, as you know so very well.

Okay, a touch of overkill, but you know we all do it: use ‘very’ to modify a verb or adjective rather than search for a stronger one that will say the same thing, only better. So, here are a few examples to make it easier for you to reject that easy option. Choose with care; synonyms are not always exact matches.

Very afraid – terrified, panic-stricken, scared, alarmed, petrified, unmanned, paralyzed.
Very neat – immaculate, impeccable, unblemished, spotless.
Very loved – adored, worshipped, cherished, prized, idolised.
Very angry – furious, wild, raging, raving, ravening, berserk.
Very old – ancient, archaic, prehistoric, venerable, primordial, antediluvian.

Just a few to be getting on with. More next week.
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