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Friday, 10 October 2014

#BookADayUK; A Reader Event For October. Day 10

So, what's the theme for today's Books Are My Bag event? Simply, 'One with an orange cover'. I'm
sure there's some deep-seated esoteric reason for this theme, but I can't work out what it might be.
No matter. I have books on my shelves that have orange covers. Sadly, a lot of them have faded with the passage of time and influence of sunlight on their spines.
I chose my boxed set of Graham Greene novels for this one. A great writer who managed to combine action and adventure with good writing. Just one of a multitude of authors who had a formative effect on my own writing. You'll see from the picture that some of the spines have faded rather more than others. I know not the reason and can only speculate that there is some difference in the quality of ink used by the publisher. But who really knows?
Anyway, it's the content of the books rather than the appearance of their covers that matters. Some really great stories here. If you've never read Graham Greene, you've missed a treat. But I'm sure most of these are still available. Have a go; treat yourself.

And, should you decide to tweet about this, please use the #tag #bookadayUK, won't you?
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