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Saturday, 4 October 2014

#BookADayUK; A Reader Event For October. Day 4

Today's event asks participants to present a book with a beautiful spine. Appearance and content are
inextricably linked in the minds of most readers. One book with a beautiful spine? I must have read hundreds. And then there are all those ancient tomes I've perused on the shelves of crumbling stately homes. How to select a single volume, and display it here? Well, it clearly has to be a book from my own shelves. Most of these are relatively modern. And, scanning my shelves, seeking out those spines that make me tingle (sorry for the pun) I recollect that I went through a period when I removed the dust covers from most of my hardbacks. That means a lot of the good 'uns have now vanished into the paper recycling bin of history. Which leaves me with a rather smaller selection from which to choose.
But I can't select a single book. I find a group, whittle that selection down to a handful and then further reduce to a few. Here they are. Please forgive the inclusion of my own book here: I didn't design the cover, my publisher put it out to a brilliant cover designer. As for the rest, I think they speak for themselves.
Don't forget, if you want to get involved as reader or writer, or both, here's the link to the website.
And don't forget to use the #tag, #bookadayuk for any tweets you send out there. Let's get support going for our high street bookshops, eh?

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