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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Writing and Running for ME/CFS #8

Washing machine- without front
Washing machine- without front (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Writing: Well; could have been better. I’ve been continuing with the curating of the diary entries, as I need to have them copied to a single file, so I can highlight and extract the relevant sections. But, in their weird wisdom, Microsoft seem to think that a date in a document should automatically change to the date the document is edited. Why they think that, I can’t imagine. In fact, I’m finding it hard to think of any circumstances in which it would be helpful to have a pre-existing date automatically change to the current date in any document. No doubt someone will enlighten me.

The point is, that in copying the documents over to a single file, all the entry dates changed to the date of copying. Something I hadn’t noticed at the time. This meant, of course, that I had to start again. Fortunately, I still have the original documents! But how to preserve the dates of the diary entries?

I use a desktop iMac with MS Word, because I’m familiar with that word processor. It took a while to discover how I could ensure the dates didn’t alter. A blend of highlighting the date and then pressing a combination of the ‘fn’, ‘cmd’ and ‘f11’ keys. But, of course, this has to be done for every date and can’t be applied to the whole document! Now, there’s a really helpful user-friendly solution. Do you think programmers make these things deliberately obtuse so that we are all left in the dark to struggle, and therefore made to believe they are somehow clever? Surely, any programmer worth his salt (and I use the male pronoun advisedly) could devise a way of preserving all dates in a document with a couple of keystrokes?

Anyway, the outcome is that I am still in the process of amending all the dates in the diaries before I can even start the proper curating. Oh, good!

Running: This week I was supposed to do 2 sessions of 10 minute running followed by a session of 15 minute running today. I managed my Monday run with no problem. However…

At the moment, we’re in the process of moving house and the packing has begun. Last week, the seal on the washing machine decided to split so, as it’s insured, we had an engineer booked to fix it. The washing machine stands in a corner with a tumbler dryer atop. In order to get to the back of washing machine, so he could change the seal, I had to lift the tumbler dryer off the top of the washer. No problem: it’s bulky and awkward, but not particularly heavy.

Turns out I didn’t need to lift it off; the job could be done from the front! No matter. I’d done it. When the man left, I decided to replace the tumbler dryer. Mistake. My back went. I have a slight weakness, which manifests itself from time to time in severe pain for a couple of days after an event followed by a period of delicate necessity.

So, no running until next week!

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