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Friday, 18 February 2011

And the Edit Continues

Bleak House where Dickens wrote David Copperfi...Image via WikipediaAfter a couple of days out, visiting the seaside town on Broadstairs ( the town where Charles Dickens wrote) on the Kent coast to accompany my daughter on an interview for a place at the University of Canterbury and Christchurch, I return to the job in hand. On Thursdays, I usually devote some time to preparing and scheduling the posts for the coming week's Stuart's Daily Word Spot posts. As I was too tired, following a 600 mile round trip (no fun on Britain's motorways), I left that until today. So, those are now prepared. But I managed to do some editing yesterday and I'm now ready to start on chapter 30, page 281. Still going well, and still finding few errors or necessary changes. Though, having watched those wonderful documentaries on BBC 1 - Human Planet (if you haven't seen these, you're missing a real treat) I thought I might introduce just a touch here and there into the landscape of my novel, showing the way people do sometimes live in extreme climates or locations. I'll have to see if I can introduce these as very short passages when the main characters come into contact either with living societies I've already invented or on passing the sites of such societies that no longer exist in my invented world.
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