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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Progressing more slowly than the editing deserves.

Fancy DressImage via WikipediaI've now completed 22 chapters and will start on chapter 23, page 209 tomorrow. The chapter is entitled 'Consequences' and I'm forced to consider that there have been consequences from my activities last night and today. Last night I was the taxi driver for my daughter and her friends as they attended a fancy dress party some distance from home. not only did this mean I couldn't have a drop of the red stuff during the evening, but the ending of the party resulted in me climbing into bed at 02.10 this morning. Knackered.
A late rise as a result and then the visit to my brother, who celebrates a birthday tomorrow, and for whom my wife and I wished to give a card and present. So, a social visit. We found his son, daughter and her boyfriend there and the short visit inevitably became a prolonged one in which, all of us being readers of one sort or another, books were discussed. Tomorrow the rain is promised, so today also became the designated day for our usual weekend walk.
The consequence of all this is that I have done so little of the edit. Sometimes, life gets in the way of writing.
And, this evening, I had to catch that TV programme of Sebastian Faulkes talking about the role of the lover in novels, of course. Not to be missed, by the way, and if you didn't catch it, have a look on the BBC iPlayer. Well worth the time spent in viewing. Add to that my attempt to finish Jane Eyre so I can discuss it with my daughter (studying it for A level) and the day is gone.
Ah, well, perhaps tomorrow will be more fruitful.

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