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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Dewey W. Dempsey, Author Interview:

Dewey W. Dempsey taught high school and college English for 17 years. He is a professional storyteller, and was a charter member of the Healing Stories Alliance of the National Storytelling Network. He taught storytelling and writing techniques in Arizona, Bermuda, California, Colorado, Georgia and Tennessee. He has written and published four novels and a collection of stories in hard copy and Kindle, and a nonfiction work, “Creating Your Own Spiritual System,” in blog form.

SA: What was your inspiration for the Diamond Rising Star Adair series.

DWD: I had just completed and sent of the MS of a heavily researched historical novel on a Cherokee family and the spiritual practices of the Cherokees before 1850. I was camping in the desert near Reno, Nevada and decided to write a contemporary detective novel. As I sat watching the sunrise and sipping my coffee the opening scene presented itself. I spent some time using techniques I had learned when I started creating my own stories for the storytelling circuit and the scene unfolded.

SA: What is your writing technique?

DWD: My technique for writing is to take an image and try to become fully present to it. My storytelling training was that unless I could visualize my stories completely with all of the senses I could not make it real for the audience. Then, the process involves asking the image for the backstory, the motivation, the history. Sometimes I need to research on locations and practical details. With one or two exceptions I never write about a location I have not visited. Even the fictionally created places are composites of places I have visited.

SA: How much revision do you do an your MS?

DWD: My process for the MS beyond the initial draft is two revisions: one focusing on theme and consistency and the other focusing on mechanics. I then send the revised MS to a core of readers from former and current writing groups and friends. I review all of the comments and then do a third revision. I then hire a professional proofreader and do final revisions.

SA: Where and when is your novel set and why did you make these specific choices?

DWD: In this series the locations are determined by the kinds of action that is being developed. In the first two novels, the core set of locations was centered around Denver, Colorado; Tahlequah, Oklahoma; Gran Lac, Wyoming(fictional); New York state and parts of Northern California. In this third novel parts of Mexico, Belize and British Columbia are added.

SA: How can people buy your books?

DWD: My author page includes paperback and Kindle versions. Author Page Amazon

SA: What qualities make a successful writer?

DWD: People tell me that I have led an interesting life and that is what they see as the strength of my books. The 'bad guys' in my works are based on my years of working with inmates on Death Row and in maximum security prisons, both male and female. This was followed by a career as a therapist working with severely mentally ill populations. I have traveled and observed people from all walks of life.

SA: How do you set about writing a piece?

DWD: So far, in all six of my novels, including the two in progress an opening scene has presented itself and I was off to the races.

SA: To what extent do you think genre is useful in the publishing world?

DWD: The concept of genre was invented by literary critics, not authors. It now determines marketing of fiction. I have not written a book that I feel exclusively fits into any genre. That struggle to select a genre for marketing purposes actually postponed the publication of my first two books.

SA: Do you think writing is a natural gift or an acquired skill?

Both. If the gift is not there no amount of skill will produce it.

SA: What single piece of advice would you give to writers still hoping to be published?

DWD: Persevere.

SA: What are you writing now?

DWD: The second book of the historical fiction (Qua Nie: the Wander Years) and the fourth book of the Diamond Series (Diamond and the Shape-Shifting Mayans).

SA: Do you have a website or a blog that readers can visit?

DWD: People are welcome to visit me at

SA: Given unlimited resources, what would be your ideal writing environment?

DWD: Lake Tahoe, California; Magog, Quebec; Jay Peak, Vermont; Bermuda.

SA: Where do you actually write?

DWD: Wherever I am. I have a two pound portable word processor whose files can be downloaded to my computer for revision. My most frequent places have been coffee-house, campsites, ski lodges, airports, my deck, friends cabins and various rented cabins and resorts. I have written in over ten US states, four Canadian Provinces, Belize and Los Cabos, Mexico. My most frequent time for writing is dawn or early morning, but I write when I have the inspiration and the time.

Native-American detective uses intuition, advanced technology to save world from Mayan Revenants
Dewey W. Dempsey reintroduces Diamond, a detective with strong Native American roots, in “Diamond: Psychotic Psychiatrists and Mad Mayans”
FORT OGLETHORPE, Ga. – Dewey W. Dempsey brings back the daring Diamond Rising Star Adair in the third title of the “Diamond” series, “Diamond: Pyschotic Psychiatrists and Mad Mayans” (ISBN 1456474138). Diamond, a strong, intuitive and well-educated woman, applies her talents toward solving crimes and saving lives.
After feeling demeaned and belittled in the first novel, “Diamond and the Bridger Mountain Butcher,” a vengeful psychiatrist has his sights set on Diamond and her lover, Jim Sullivan. The psychiatrist enlists the help of two colleagues to help commit serial murders. They begin by planting evidence at the crime scenes that will lead investigators directly to Diamond and Jim. Once the couple’s reputation is ruined, the psychiatrist plans to kidnap, torture and kill the couple.
Something seems amiss, however, for Diamond and Jim – one his former associates within the government’s serial-killers unit appears overly eager in seeing them convicted. Using her detective skills and superior intuition, Diamond discovers that the old colleague belongs to the Mayan Revenants.
Searching for the ties behind the man’s desire to kill her and her lover, Diamond finds two other members of the group, which plans to infiltrate the United States as part of the looming 2012 prophecies. With redesigned ancient Mayan-Toltec laser-like weapons and communication techniques, Diamond, Jim and America are in danger, and the couple must now outsmart the psychiatrist, the government and the Mayan Revenants.
“Diamond is different than most lead female detectives in mystery novels,” Dempsey says. “She’s a blend of Native-American mysticism and advanced technology.”
Fans of Dempsey’s “Diamond” novel series will rejoice over his latest installment. This time the intelligent, instinctive detective travels across Central America, the United States and Canada to save herself, her lover and her country.
“Diamond: Psychotic Psychiatrists and Mad Mayans” is available for sale online at and other channels.

Dewey W. Dempsey: Email: Phone: (706) 956-4889 Website:

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