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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Edit, Almost Done

Today, I've completed the work on Book 1. It now consists of 216,000 words, broken down into 518 pages and 53 chapters. I can let that lie now and concentrate on book 2, which consists, at present, of 15 chapters that were originally the end of book 1, some other chapters, previously written but in need of editing, and a few short sections,ready for incorporation into new chapters. of the 15 chapters, I've now edited 14. I've also, today, amended my timeline, which is an Excel spreadsheet. I've closed the timeline for book 1 onto one sheet and opened a new one on a second sheet, so that everything is easier to follow. I'm getting quite excited about finishing the current editing session and starting n some new writing. It'll be a little while before I'm at that stage, but it's a lot closer than it was.
I thought I might start giving tasters of the first book. Any of you interested in reading some of that at this stage?
Been to the library to pick up some books I ordered on line. Taken rubbish and recycling to the local recycling facility. Also, selected some short stories for an anthology I intend to publish on romance, and then sought a reasonable picture from one of the online stockists to act as a cover background. Read some more of the current read - Empty Chairs, by Stacey Danson; a harrowing but inspiring book about and by a woman who suffered physical and sexual abuse from the age of 3, initiated at the hands of her own mother, would you believe?
Had a man in today, to move the Magnolia before it comes into bloom; a job too physically demanding for me. It was in the way of the proposed turning point I need to put in at the front of the house. Once I'm done here, I shall take a short walk with Valerie and then settle down to relax for the evening. Kate is out on the town with friends.
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